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Fenom Podcast

Apr 13, 2020

In this episode I wanted to change things up and do a short series of 3 interviews from the frontlines of women entrepreneurs in the Restaurant and Service industry here in Charlottesville, Virginia. Each interview Ive ever had, there always seems to be an overarching theme and that was exactly what unfolded in each of these interviews- family, community, comfort and love which we undoubtably need at this time. Our small businesses are the backbone of our community-we are the first you go to for PTA fundraisers or to sponsor youth sports, we employ so many people in our area and work with numerous other local vendors and businesses. Simply put, the character of a city relies on the strength of our small businesses. These phenomenal women are putting everything they have into making sure their business can pivot and continue to serve Charlottesville through these unprecedented times.  Originally, I was going to have them all in one podcast and I have since decided that I wanted them to have their own spotlight. 

In this episode I am talking with Kelsey Gillan, one of the co-owners of Found.Market which is a whole family affair. Her brother is the Kitchen Manager, her sister is the Office Manager, her mom is the retail/purchasing manager, her dad is the facilities Manager and delivery driver and Kelsey is the Wholesale Manager and in charge of Communication. Found is a kitchen, eatery and marketplace in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlottesville. They have a wholesale production of their Little Things Shortbread which is the BEST cookie you’ve ever had- hands down. They also have homemade foods to eat-in or take to-go. Their marketplace is full of gifts and knickknacks from independent makers around the U.S. Their pivot during this pandemic first had to do with supporting their family’s need and reconfiguring their entire online inventory for pre-order and curbside pick up and their shortbread orders have tripled as people have found out how they are the perfect consumable gift to friends and family near and far.  Times are tough but the Gillan family is more resilient, creative and determined to thrive.