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Fenom Podcast

May 7, 2020

In this episode of the Fenom Podcast, I am going back to my Alabama roots with my former Daphne High School classmate, Nikki James Zellner.  I always knew her to be a high perfomer- she was smart, friendly, creative, outgoing and I knew she was going to do big things in life…we went our separate ways and found our separate hardships and curve balls in life and reconnected when we found both of our journeys ending up in Virginia.  Her early career had her launching 15 lifestyle magazines working behind the scenes to create written and visual stories to captivate audiences. In her 30’s she married into the military and stumbled upon the Milspo Project, a nonprofit helping military spouse entrepreneurs which empowered her own entrepreneurial spirit.  Nikki is  now the Founder of Where Content Connects. She’s a Content Strategist who empowers women visionaries + leaders to use their personal experiences + authentic voices to express themselves, connect more deeply to their audience and change the world. Nikki has recently taken on the role of activist pushing for legislative change for carbon monoxide sensors in schools and daycare in Virginia (and on a national level) after her own scare with carbon monoxide poisoning at her childrens daycare. She’s on fire now, with a book in the works, a entrepreneurs content planning workbook and master class for social media as well as creating her own Chronic Achievers podcast spotlighting various women leaders as they deal with chronic illness.