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Fenom Podcast

Oct 7, 2020

Michelline Hall is a Lynchburg Virginia photographer, entrepreneur, and arts advocate.  I came across Michelline when someone shared a post of her “American Woman?” Art exhibit at Lynchburg’s Midtown Outdoor Art Gallery a couple of months ago and I was blown away at her amazing images of stylized portraits of Black and brown women that explore identity and culture. Her 10 photos hang on the side of a commercial building in Lynchburg’s Midtown. Michellin explains,

“Art is essential. Representation is vital. Expanding art interactions beyond traditional venues and into wider communities has always been my passion.” This quote perfectly sums up her “why”.

In speaking more with Michelline, I learned she is the co-founder and Director of Marketing of Blackwater Branding Agency alongside her husband which opens up the conversation to the importance of pivoting and branding in a pandemic as well as working alongside your husband, raising a family and making time for YOU to live your purpose and passion.

Once again, this is why I do this podcast to spotlight an inspirational, phenomenal woman. I hope you enjoy our conversation and catch a piece of Michelline’s spark of life!