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Fenom Podcast

Apr 21, 2020

On this episode of the Fenom Podcast I am talking with a good friend of mine, Lisa Shelton, she’d definitely one of those people I can carry on a conversation with for hours on end.  Her journey in life thus far has had many twists and turns at her own doing. She grew up in a very traditional, conservative home where she sought the approval of others and strived to be the best despite her actual interest in it. By her early 20’s she began to strike out on her own path by starting her career as a Physical Therapist that spanned over 20 years in numerous settings from outpatient rehab to dementia care.  But she found her true calling when she began working with the fascial system with the chronic pain population and quickly realized that she was a myofascial release/craniosacral therapist at heart. 

The desire to explore fascial treatment to its fullest potential prompted Lisa to become a licensed massage therapist so that she could open her own practice outside the confines of the PT world.   

 Lisa opened the doors to her private practice in 2011.  Her continued passion to understand the healing process has led Lisa to study astrology and yoga.  She incorporates both into her treatment sessions. 

She has pursued these passions while also being married and raising two boys. She enjoys learning and exploring all areas of healing so that she can continue to marry her allopathic medicine background  to her more newly acquired holistic appreciation of health. A conversation with Lisa is never boring and this episode really spotlights listening to the call of who you are and who you want to create yourself as.