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Fenom Podcast

Oct 23, 2020

In this episode of the Fenom Podcast I am talking with my good friend, Gina Ward. Gina is the founder of SHIFT2LEAD, a Leadership Development School. She’s a fellow Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher and Studio owner. Gina’s story has something that I think we can all identify with, her life has been on a constant stair stepper of jobs, titles, accomplishments and approvals from others. She overworked herself in the effort to prove her capabilities and worthiness and I can see so much of my story here, too. Even when an initial diagnosis of Leukemia was given to her, she continued to press on until the illness had to literally knock her out for Gina to make a real shift in her life. This shift has allowed her to lean into her power instead of forcing her way through life. She embraced the less is more mantra that the pandemic has ushered in and found space, clarity and a passion for life that has led her to her life’s purpose- giving tools and techniques to connect people with what is holding them back and put them back into their power. I invite you to listen and see the similarities in your own story and what would it take for you to finally shift your perspective…