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Fenom Podcast

Jun 3, 2020

On this episode of the Fenom Podcast, I am talking with two of my most accomplished guests I believe I had on here.  Drs. Leigh-Ann Webb and Ebony Jade Hilton are pretty phenomenal women, they are board certified physicians at the University of Virginia as well as professors, consultants, entrepreneurs and authors. These ladies came together out of the concern to address the disproportionate impact COVID19  has had on communities of color. They created the children’s ebook called We’re Going to Be OK, which is a child’s guide for staying healthy, there are writing prompts and actionable steps to help children cope with stress during this difficult time.  We’re Going to Be OK was one of the top five entries in the Emory Global Health Institute’s COVID19 Children’s ebook competition and has been hailed as a great tool for parents and educators to discuss healthy habits as well as talking points to guide the emotions children are experiencing during the pandemic.

Leigh and Ebony are powerful, successful humans, they are powerful, successful women AND they just so happen to be powerful, successful black women.  And right now, we cannot ignore the turmoil in our country, in this interview I couldn’t bypass the racial tension, the injustices, the police brutality that continue to play out in our society, as well as the overwhelming affect COVID19 is having specifically on African American and Hispanic communities…I was worried if I could do a good job in leading this discussion, I heard the heaviness and the toil this is taking on both of these women- it’s a lot to unpack, to open up and discuss about how the system has been built- not necessarily that it is broken but that it has been built this way…and we talk about all the things. Actually, they talk, I listen and that is what I encourage all my white folks to do right now… listen, unlearn, reflect and be a part of the solution together going forward. I hope you take away as much as I did from this conversation.