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Fenom Podcast

Jan 31, 2020

Oh the places Kristin Watson’s legs have taken her!  On Episode 3 of the Fenom Podcast I am speaking with Kristin, she is the owner of Purvelo - a rhythm based indoor cycle studio with 4 locations in Charlottesville VA, Auburn AL, Chapel Hill NC, and Athens GA. Growing up she was the youngest on the block and her scrappy personality had her keeping up and playing all the sports with her older brother and the neighborhood boys.  Soccer was her life until 7th grade when she joined track and field which changed the course of her life.  She received a full scholarship to WVU where she looked for a college that was both artistically advanced as well as a top tier in athletics. She pursued her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in ceramics and a minor in Art History and even studied abroad in China to complete her degree. I cannot wait to discuss this more. Kristin met her husband Peter Watson in college, she moved home and became a teacher and coach at her alma mater. Kristin and Pete’s relationship have taken them to 8 different states/countries and sometimes even living apart due to their different career paths but they made it work to support one another’s personal goals and endeavors.  Kristin opened Purvelo Charlottesville in 2015 with 3 other locations that soon followed. She looks to double that by 2022. She is also putting her artistic talents to use by creating her own line of clothing from concept to production to go along with her branded pieces of merchandise from preexisting brands. By the summer of 2020 she will have a Purvelo e-commerce store where you can get all of your branded Purvelo gear. As I know firsthand, studio ownership is not easy. Simple decisions can make or break you. How you manage your time on the minute details and create a vision for the big picture? How you build a community and hold the standard? We are talking all about that and more!