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Fenom Podcast

Jan 31, 2020

In episode 2 of the Fenom Podcast we are talking with celebrated Charlottesville painter Sarah Trundle. Her paintings are rooted in abstraction, her many layered paintings range rom bold, geometric, brightly colored abstracts, to serene, monochromatic, minimalism. Her style explores the relationship between order and chaos, simplicity and complexity which makes patrons of art take pause and gain a deeper understanding of her work. This is a gift that all great artists have- the ability to stir something deeper within us.  But the journey to get here was not as clear cut and straightforward as it seems. In fact, her gift and passion is a fairly recent discovery.  Sarah grew up just outside of Philadelphia. While she was always creative, her first love was riding horses and rode in horse shows on the weekends.  Sarah went on to attend and graduate from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire where she majored in Psychology. Her first job out of college was as a teachers aide for an Alternative School in Washington DC. This job solidified her decision to get her Masters in Social Work. Sarah worked as a therapist, married her college sweetheart and had 3 children.  She discontinued her work as a Therapist after her second child was born and relished the opportunity to stay at home and raise her children.  Once her youngest began school, Sarah had more time to dedicate to herself and she decided to take oil painting lessons. Painting gave her a chance to clear her head, pursue a new hobby and, she found out, she was good at it. Her passion for her new hobby was sparked. She took lessons for years and then went on to participate in art shows with other budding artists and was taken by surprise when she received her first offer from someone to buy one of her pieces.  Now her artwork is represented by several galleries nationwide and she is honored to have her work in numerous private and public collections internationally.  I am excited to talk with Sarah today and explore how we are always in creation of who we are. Our life is just as many layered as her paintings but how do we see the opportunities that that may lead us to another path and listen to the call that we can always be something more.