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Fenom Podcast

Mar 10, 2020

On this episode of the Fenom Podcast I am talking with Coach Chris Steiner-Wilcoxson, the head coach of FIU softball, a mother of 3 and a force to be reckoned with. I grew up in the next town over from Chris and witnessed first hand her tenacity and passion she had in any sport she played.  I had the privilege to play with her on some travel ball teams as well as Auburn University’s softball team. Out of college Chris began her coaching legacy as a head softball coach with high school softball teams and quickly progressed into college, first at Reinhardt University and then Auburn University at Montgomery where she won a National Championship and various National Coaches awards. Chris went on to test her coaching ability by  building up the softball program at Alabama State University where she led them to 2 conference championships and set every single record as a head coach. She was the first in school history to amass over 400 college wins and over 500 career wins. Recently she has made the step to coach Division 1 softball at FIU in Miami Florida to further prove her prowess as a head coach. She splits her time in Florida and Alabama as she and her family work out logistics in supporting her dreams while she dedicates her free time to being a mom to her children. I have watched Chris at a distance and have been truly amazed at her passion for the game of softball and her dedication as a mother.  She inspires me to continue to pursue life and live it full on.